First Album by World Beyond is Out

2014-05-17 19:17:02 by xIIInon

Well, the title sums it up pretty much. Finally I decided to make some of the best tracks I've got available not only for producers, but also for people who fancy soundtrack music and that's how "Winter Legend" was created. Consider it a trial of strength in the new field. If it's going to be of any interest for music lovers, I'll be happy and carry on publishing more of this stuff constantly raising the bar. Ok, here's one of the songs from this album:

Go to Bandcamp for more music:
Visit for more info
and thank you for your time!

- xiiinon


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2014-05-17 23:07:15

:) you're fucking impressive. So is your music.

xIIInon responds:

Hahaha, I shall hope that I'm at least better that I used to be... But thanks a lot.


2014-05-29 17:52:29

I really liked the World Beyond Creative Commons Reel.

xIIInon responds:

Nice :D Good thing about that reel is that it was created when WB was created and also it will keep getting even longer eventually.