Being featured for the first time

2013-03-23 04:21:39 by xIIInon

It feels amazing and It happened in no time. I'm gaining new fans, new reviews and I'm really-really grateful to all of you who decided to support me and my music project. There will be more compositions from me and Nick in future but it won't necessarily be collaborative projects. Click here to check out Nick Standing aka Jabun and enjoy his versatile portfolio while we're preparing new remastered version of Everything We Stand For with live guitar.
Look forward, see beyond!


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2013-03-23 06:08:23

Waiting anxiously for you upcoming endeavors!
Keep'em flowing.


2013-03-23 06:55:32


xIIInon responds:

I received your message on Soundcloud, thank you for following! Gotta check your stuff as soon as possible :)


2013-03-23 13:30:40

you earned it, congrats.